Two Stars of Comedy with a Serious Message

Posted on 06/16/2021

Comedians Mindy Sterling and Cathy Ladman Help Raise Money for the Home

In entertainment, they say it’s all about who you know. In this instance the Jewish Home is truly fortunate that Chief Executive Officer and President of the Home, Dale Surowitz, is longtime family friends with Mindy Sterling's brother Mark. Mindy is an Emmy nominated actress who has appeared in numerous outstanding film and television roles, including portraying Frau Farbissina in the popular Austin Powers film series. She currently has a recurring role in the long running TV sitcom, The Goldbergs.

Cathy Ladman is a stand-up comedian, television writer, and actress who has appeared in many movies as well as on television. Her accomplishments include being featured in her own installment of HBO’s One Night Stand comedy series. In addition, she was a guest on The Tonight Show nine times!

Together, Mindy and Cathy are a captivating comedy team. Recently, the two graciously volunteered to share their wonderful humor while giving a serious message encouraging everyone to provide financial support to the Los Angeles Jewish Home.

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