A Funny Man with a Serious Message

Posted on 11/05/2020

Howie Mandel Shows His Support for the Los Angeles Jewish Home

Howie Mandel is a beloved entertainer who wears many hats. His resume includes: comedian; television personality; screenwriter; actor; voice actor; producer; director; entrepreneur; game show host; author, and he is a long standing judge on the popular television program America’s Got Talent. Add to that extensive list of accomplishments, a great humanitarian. In the middle of his extremely hectic schedule, Howie stopped everything to record a message on behalf of the Los Angeles Jewish Home to help raise deeply needed funding during the pandemic. The video is being shared widely on social media as well as on the Jewish Home’s website. Howie shares from the heart his feelings about the Home, the heroic efforts of healthcare workers near and far, and the need to ensure funding is available for all of the ongoing emergency supplies being utilized by our staff here at the home to care for our cherished seniors.


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