Los Angeles Jewish Home Announces the Brandman Research Institute to Develop Innovative Protocols for Enhanced Senior Care

Posted on April 3, 2019

(RESEDA, CA – March 11, 2019) The Los Angeles Jewish Home (LAJH), one of the largest providers of senior healthcare services in Los Angeles, announced the opening of the Brandman Research Institute (BRI), a center for research into best practices for geriatric health issues. An interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals share a goal: to develop new standards and best-models of care for older adults.

“The LA Jewish Home has provided 107 years of outstanding programs and services for seniors. With the formation of BRI, the Home will identify and promote new and more effective models of care to enhance the quality of life for a growing aging population,” said Molly Forrest, CEO and president of LAJH. “We look forward to sharing what we learn to lead the way to better care for our elders throughout the world.”

The need for improved care for America’s rapidly expanding senior population has never been greater. With rising healthcare costs, understanding how to most effectively provide care for those of advanced age is critical and will have widespread impact.

Serving as Executive Director for BRI is Dr. Noah Marco, Chief Medical Officer for LAJH. “I am honored to spearhead this distinctive program. We bring a unique understanding and perspective to the great challenge of caring for an aging population,” said Dr. Marco. “With the launching of BRI, we aim to create real change in the care of seniors based on working directly with an often overlooked population. BRI is committed to developing a better quality of life for the Greatest Generation through our work.”

BRI will provide medical and professional staff a unique opportunity to learn directly from seniors what works best for them. Specialized research will identify and promote life-enhancing healthy-aging practices. Activities will include research projects and identified treatments which improve and enhance medical, social, psychiatric and psychological services for seniors. This pioneering approach will create “best-care” models of eldercare to be shared in the US and world.

The LA Jewish Home provides a full continuum of care for almost 4,000 seniors through its award-winning in-home, community health, and residential programs and services. As such, BRI is distinctively positioned to provide insight on developing new protocols and standards in caring for older adults.

“Clinical studies often exclude older people. We are directly studying this segment of the population with an eye on improving the individual senior as well as the overall models of care,” adds Dr. Marco.

One of BRI’s first initiatives will be a focused study of effective models for post-acute care. BRI will address real needs and bring innovative practices to the forefront. A key emphasis will be a study identifying how providers can best work together and with the seniors they serve. The goal is to be a resource for those in the field of post-acute healthcare, from private institutions to government agencies. With its unique structure, backing, and focus, BRI will provide a strong voice in the area of quality senior care. LAJH envisions its studies will model for others the best methods and practices for optimal outcomes of care for providers offering post-acute care for seniors.

Joyce Brandman and her late husband, Saul, supported the creation of the Brandman Research Institute, located in the Eisenberg-Keefer Medical Center on the Home’s Grancell Village Campus. “We felt that with people living longer than they used to, we need to know what can be done so that they can live full, healthy lives while they are aging,” Joyce explained.

About the Los Angeles Jewish Home

Founded in 1912, the non-profit Los Angeles Jewish Home (LAJH) is among the largest providers of senior healthcare services in Los Angeles. Through its innovative Connections to Care® program, each year thousands of seniors benefit from the Home’s community-based and in-residence programs. Community-based programs include: A Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE); hospice; home health; palliative medicine; community clinics; short-term rehabilitation; and acute psychiatric care. Three Home campuses serve seniors with options for independent living, residential care, skilled nursing care, short-term rehabilitation, and Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care. The Home recently opened its second Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), the Gonda Healthy Aging Westside Campus, in Playa Vista, CA. Further information regarding the Jewish Home can be found online at www.lajh.org or by calling 855.227.3745.


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