Dining and nutrition at the Jewish Home

Residents of the Home enjoy a constantly evolving menu of wonderful, nutritious, Kosher meals.

We know how important meals are to our residents. They pay close attention to the quality of the food, the service, and the environment. That’s why the Home has refined the art of preparation and presentation, beginning with our restaurant “fine-dining” approach. Rather than serving meals all at once on a tray, as in many institutional settings, we serve meals course by course.

Meals are prepared with high-quality, fresh ingredients. Menus are designed with input from residents on our Resident Food Committees.

Staff dieticians meet with all diners to ensure their diet is healthy and to address any restrictions (such as sodium) and special needs. Backed by the latest research, the Home generally pursues a “liberalized” diet philosophy. Instead of enforcing strict regimens, the Home believes that our later years — and meals especially — should be enjoyed to the fullest. Meals at the Home are liberal and plentiful.

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