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COVID-19 Tips for Family Members and Loved Ones

Dr. Noah MarcoIn light of the recent developments of COVID‐19 in the U.S., senior care facilities across the country are urging family members and loved ones to refrain from visiting residents.

We realize that this is heart-wrenching news for those whose loved ones live here at the Jewish Home or in other senior communities. However, we need to prioritize the well-being of our residents and staff by limiting their exposure to the virus.

To help navigate these challenging times, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Noah Marco developed the following tips for family members of residents of senior communities:

  • Talk with your loved ones regularly. Ideally, at the same time of the day or the same day of the week. Avoid early morning hours, sundown and bedtime. You may choose to contact them via telephone, email, text messaging or Skype.
  • Reassure them that their family is doing fine. Share with them the joyful experiences that family are involved in.
  • Communicate with the staff caring for your family regularly. It's best to pick one family spokesperson and have that person communicate to the other family members.
  • Inform staff if you suspect a change in their condition (physical or mental) or if a loved one expresses concern that the staff can address.
  • Thank the staff for the care that they are providing.

We are grateful for your understanding and cooperation.

Stay up-to-date with the latest coronavirus information.

Posted by: Los Angeles Jewish Home  |  Mar 17, 2020
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