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The Best Father’s Day Gift of All

The Best Father's Day Gift of AllFather's Day is the perfect opportunity to tell your father, your grandfather, and your great-grandfather (if you are blessed enough to still have him around) how much you love and enjoy them. Maybe you also want to celebrate other special senior men in your life who have given you guidance and support. Gift trends for them change throughout the years, but the sentiment stays the same. Ties, slippers, and aftershave have given way recently to noise-cancelling headphones, fitness tracking devices, and trendy mustache waxing kits.

We asked some of our Jewish Home residents about memorable presents they have received for past Father's Day holidays. Artie Kessler still has a handprint in clay his daughter Judy made for him one year when she was little. She now has two daughters of her own. Artie considers his granddaughters to be special Father's Day gifts, too.

Jesse Cooperman remembers receiving a surprising present from his wife in the 1970's. They were vacationing at their home up in Big Bear Lake, California. "On Sunday morning, which was Father's Day, my wife drove into town to get the newspaper," he told us. They had three children at the time. "She came back with a 14-foot sailboat on a trailer hitched to the back of the car." He was bowled over by her thoughtfulness. An avid sailor since he was 13 years old, Jesse loved taking his small boat out by himself on the lake. "It was my quiet time," he said. He kept the boat even after they sold the vacation home.

Cyril Manson has two sons, five grandsons, and is expecting a great-grandchild soon. He has received many presents of socks, ties, shirts and cologne for past Father's Day celebrations. But lately he tells his family not to bother getting him presents. "As long as they think of me and care for me—that's enough," he said. No matter how you choose to appreciate them, the fatherly figures in your life are treasures. Letting them know that is the best gift of all.

Posted by: Los Angeles Jewish Home  |  Jun 4, 2018
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