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Something’s Cooking at BCSC

Brandman Center Seniors Cooking Class

Last month, seniors gathered in the Brandman Centers for Senior Care (BCSC) to participate in the Center’s newest activity —a healthy cooking class. The course, one in an ongoing monthly series led by BCSC activities coordinator Karla Lopez, showcased simple recipes for vegetable-centric meals and snacks.

Seniors sat at their work stations, donning aprons and gloves, excitedly awaiting instruction. Equipped with knives, cutting boards, skewers, and an assortment of fresh vegetables, the participants had everything they needed to begin. Karla started the lesson with an announcement. “Today we will be making grilled vegetable skewers – a delicious, balanced meal that only takes 25 minutes to make.” The room began to buzz with excitement.

Participants followed Karla’s detailed directions, carefully peeling onions, chopping bell peppers, halving mushrooms, and finally skewering the mixture of colorful vegetables. Once the fresh components were assembled, Karla placed three skewers on a pre-heated portable grill, demonstrating how to properly prepare the food.

Participants took turns manning the grill, patiently waiting to flip the skewers until vegetables were tender and the edges were slightly browned. After only a few minutes, the batch of skewers were cooked to perfection. Seniors took their seats and prepared to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Karla said, “And now it’s time for the best part, the taste test.”

Seniors bit into the juicy, grilled vegetables and were delighted with the results.

“These are delicious!” Brandman Center participant Maria Hernandez exclaimed. “I never knew making a healthy meal could be so easy. I love coming to Karla’s classes, I’ve learned so much about nutritious cooking.”

BCSC’s registered dietician nutritionist Randi Drasin explains the importance of the class. “Eating healthy is an essential part of living a long life. Seniors and people of all ages can greatly benefit from maintaining a healthy diet, high in fruits and vegetables. BCSC’s new cooking class exposes participants to delicious plant-based meal options and fresh cooking concepts, showing seniors eating healthy can be easy, inexpensive, and fun.”

“At the Brandman Centers, we offer a variety of unique activities to engage, educate, and inspire seniors,” says Jillian Simon BCSC director. “Our monthly cooking classes provide our participants with an exciting, hands-on experience they can easily recreate at home. Activities like these provide seniors the tools they need to continue to lead active, independent lives in the comfort of their own homes.”

For more information about adult day healthcare at the Brandman Centers for Senior Care, please click here to visit the BCSC website or call 818.774.8444.

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