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Short-Term Rehab

short-term rehabAs we recover from an illness, injury, medical procedure or acute hospital stay, short-term rehab can be a crucial ally in putting us on the road to wellness. For seniors, this is especially true: The support short-term rehab provides is often a key factor in helping them regain self-sufficiency and return to their own homes or communities as quickly as possible.

The Advantages of Short-term Rehab

Seniors working to get back on their feet can reap enormous benefits from short-term rehab. A surgery, illness or medical episode can leave seniors lacking the vital strength they need to care for themselves, and working with medical professionals who specialize in short-term rehab can help them rebuild that strength, restore their confidence, and prepare to reclaim their former independence.

How Short-term Rehab Helps

Short-term rehab serves as a bridge for seniors – facilitating their transition between hospital and home. It is geared to treat a broad range of conditions including:

  • Joint replacement rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic post-hospitalization care
  • Stroke and neurological rehabilitation
  • Post-medical and post-surgical recovery
  • Adaptive equipment instruction and conditioning

In short-term rehab, seniors focus on regaining critical function and recovering their physical, sensory and mental capabilities. They receive a wide variety of therapies and nursing services as they heal and make progress toward their ultimate goal: getting home as quickly as possible.

A number of things to keep in mind while evaluating potential options for short-term rehab are:

  • Defining short-term rehab
  • Knowing what to look for in a short-term rehab facility
  • Homing in on short-term rehab that specializes in serving the elderly
  • Finding a short-term rehab that accepts Medicare

Short-term Rehab at the Jewish Home

When it comes to effective short-term rehab, the Jewish Home offers unparalleled expertise. Seniors in the Home’s Transitional Care Unit (TCU) are cared for by physicians and geriatric specialists in physical, occupational, and speech therapy. They also enjoy full access to all of the Home’s cutting-edge clinical and support services.

The Jewish Home short-term rehab team integrates state-of-the-art medical care and prescribed therapies with personal coaching, counseling, and nutritional guidance. Seniors spend an average of two to six weeks in the TCU, though the unit accommodates stays of up to 90 days.

For more information about short-term rehabilitative care and physical therapy at the Jewish Home, please contact our Connections to Care® hotline at (855) 227-3745.

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