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Residential Care at the Jewish Home

Los Angeles Jewish Home - Residential Care

"What was I? Ironing, cooking, cleaning, shopping.. And I woke up one morning and said, 'Who needs this? I'm going to go to the Jewish Home like my mother did.'"

—Jerri Kane

At the Los Angeles Jewish Home, seniors living in-residence enjoy worry-free living with all the services and amenities they need to focus on living happy and healthy lives. With staff to complete everyday household chores like cooking, cleaning, and laundry, residents are free to spend their time how they please.

“Living here, I’ll tell you, it’s a wonderful place! You have all the necessities of life.
Everything else is around to be used or not used as you wish. I’ve had a long life and I enjoy being here.”

—Lee Zuckerman

Dining with Smiles - Jewish Home

The Jewish Home helps seniors maintain a healthy lifestyle in every service we provide. From the delicious food to the exciting activities, from our award-winning facilities to our caring staff, residents have everything they need to stimulate their minds, bodies, and spirits and live a long and satisfying life.

“I was brought here by my son-in-law. He wanted me to see what it was like. And everyone seemed so friendly. I thought, ‘Gee, this is really nice. The thing to do would be to come while I am healthy so I could participate in all the activities and not wait until I was too ill.’”

—Bernice Gerson

Beauty Salon - Jewish Home

The Home’s conveniently located beauty salon, post office, bank, library, arts and crafts room, and computer centers make completing everyday tasks simple for seniors. With the help of our transportation team, residents have the opportunity to safely complete errands and enjoy outings at their favorite stores and restaurants.

With an exciting array of enjoyable activities, residents have access to all the stimulation they need to keep active minds, bodies, and spirits. The Home offers everything from informative speaker series to Hebrew lessons, from chair yoga to Zumba Gold, from current events to music therapy. These seniors can do it all!

“There’s a lot to do. The Home has been amazing from the very beginning.
When I came, I had fallen. They just brought me back to where I should be.
The rehab, the physical therapy, the humor, and the caring – it’s really amazing.”

—Eileen Meskin

Patient with Dr. Vu - Jewish Home

On the Jewish Home campuses, residents easily access the medical care they need to live a happy and independent life. Doctors, nurses, physical, occupational, and speech therapists work on-site so doctor’s visits and checkups are as convenient as possible.

Another benefit of living at the Jewish Home is the Connections to Care program. The Connections to Care program makes it easy for seniors to access the full continuum of care the Home provides. With each medical visit, our helpful staff carefully monitors and assesses the needs of each senior. If a resident’s medical needs change at any time, they are connected with the program or service most suitable for their needs.

Enjoying Time Outdoors - Jewish Home

The Home is now accepting applications for in-residence care. Our supportive staff is ready to welcome you to a life full of friendship, love, health, and happiness.

For more information about your options for residential care at the Los Angeles Jewish Home, please call the Connections to Care hotline at 855-227-3745. Or complete and submit the Connections to Care Information Request form.

To learn about the admissions process for in-residence care, please click here.

Posted by: Los Angeles Jewish Home  |  May 26, 2016
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