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Meet Resident Bertha Bernstein

Bertha BernsteinMy name is Bertha Bernstein. I'm 92 years old and a resident of the Jewish Home. I grew up in L.A., married Max Bernstein, and had three wonderful sons, Steven, Jeffrey, and Michael. Sadly, Jeffrey passed away when he was 39. For many years, I worked at a local Jewish newspaper, the Heritage Jewish Press, from which I retired at age 70.

Just a year ago, my sons Michael and Steven were terribly worried about me, and wanted me to move out of my home and into assisted living. Circulation issues were affecting my balance, and I took several falls.

I wanted to stay in my home, so I kept all of this from my sons. But my oldest son, Michael, knew I was suffering from heart failure and shortness of breath from lung cancer. Still, I fought my sons every step of the way! For many of us in our 80s and 90s, giving up our independence is the hardest decision we ever have to make.

Now, every time Michael or Steven comes to visit me at the Jewish Home, I thank them for making me see the light.

I was such a mess after my heart valve operation. Matthew and Michelle, my physical therapists at the Home, would try to get me to walk, and I would tell them, "I can't." But they said, "You can do it! You've got this!" And they were right every time. They really saved my life!

Thanks to the Home, my symptoms are under control, and I have the energy to take part in all kinds of activities like yoga, movie nights, bingo, and current events classes. I can honestly say, getting into the Home when I did was the best decision we ever made.

Posted by: Los Angeles Jewish Home  |  Oct 1, 2018
Tags: Around the Home, geriatric care, healthy living, Residential Care
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