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How to Fundraise for the Jewish Home on Facebook

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for starting your own Facebook Fundraiser.
If you're on Facebook, you've likely seen your friends raising money for their favorite charities on their personal pages.

Jacques Soriano recently set up a fundraiser that benefited the Jewish Home so that his Facebook friends could donate to the Home.

"My maternal grandfather spent his last years there and loved living at the Home," says Soriano, who is a past president of The Executives, one of the Home's major support groups. "I've been involved with fundraising efforts for the Home. It is near and dear to my heart."

He knew that a Facebook fundraiser would be easy and effective. "One of the benefits to sharing my fundraiser on Facebook was that my friends who don't know much about the Home could see how the Home helps to enrich the lives of the residents," he says.

Within two weeks, he had exceeded his goal, raising nearly $1100.

Would he do it again? "Absolutely!" Soriano says.

Soriano's not the only one to use Facebook as a fundraiser. Since 2015, more than $5 billion has been raised on the social media platform—$1 billion in birthday fundraisers alone!

Now the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the strain on the Home's resources. To provide for the most vulnerable seniors in our care, we need to meet heightened costs for staffing, special supplies and equipment, materials, as well as digital technology so our residents can stay in touch with friends and family. Which means our fundraising efforts are more critical than ever.

Here is how to create your own fundraiser for the Jewish Home:


  • Invite your friends to participate.
  • Make the post public and tag the Jewish Home.
  • Donate to your own fundraiser. Other people are more likely to donate when they see someone they know has already contributed. Plus, it demonstrates your commitment to the Jewish Home.
  • Increase your goal if you achieve it before your fundraiser deadline has passed.
  • Thank your friends when they donate.

Benefits to starting a Facebook fundraiser:

  • It's free. No fees are charged, which means every dollar goes directly to support the residents at the Home.
  • It's easy. Your friends don't even have to leave Facebook in order to donate.
  • It's shareable. By clicking "Share" your Facebook friends can also spread the news about your fundraiser.
  • It's safe. Donations are encrypted and Facebook has strict security measures in place.

Create your own Facebook fundraiser.

Posted by: Los Angeles Jewish Home  |  Jun 9, 2020
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