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Helping Jewish Home Residents Stay Connected

There is a bright spot amidst what can feel like the countless challenges of the global coronavirus pandemic: the smiling faces of Jewish Home residents able to connect with family and friends. Thanks to the Home's iPad donation program, our seniors can laugh, celebrate and catch up with loved ones—all while safely avoiding exposure to the harmful effects of COVID-19.

The program was born out of necessity. The pandemic has had a profound impact on everyone, and the residents of the Jewish Home have not been immune to that disruption. Due both to the highly contagious nature of the disease and seniors' particular susceptibility to it, the Home took early and aggressive action to safeguard residents' lives. The Jewish Home's protective measures included temporarily halting visits, which meant finding alternative ways for residents to be in contact with the people they hold most dear.

Generous donor contributions from all parts of the community enabled the Home to purchase iPads for use across both the Eisenberg Village and Grancell Village campuses. Residents are able to access the technology to reach out to connect with their family members. If they are unfamiliar with iPads and how they work, Jewish Home staff are available to help get them up and running on the equipment.

The program, notes Corey Slavin, vice president of community engagement, has been a crucial lifeline for residents at an especially vulnerable time. "The iPads are a touchstone for residents and their families, allowing them to see one another, express their feelings, and catch up on what's been happening in each other's lives," she says. "Due to pandemic safety measures, there have been no visits from the public at the Home for months, and that includes holidays like Mother's Day. We recognize it's been hard on our residents and their families, and things like having ‘face-to-face' conversations can make such a difference."

The Home is grateful to the supporters who have made the iPad donation program possible. When they first heard of the needs, Marilyn and Cal Gross immediately provided funding for the purchase of 30 iPads; Dr. Boris Ratiner bought iPads, as well, and the Oscar Litwak Foundation raised money to help buy even more.

"Our donors are amazing, and they have once again stepped up at a critical juncture," Slavin says. "Their generosity, warmth, and compassion are helping our residents stay happy, healthy, and optimistic about the future."

Posted by: Los Angeles Jewish Home  |  Aug 17, 2020
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