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Giving Thanks at the Jewish Home

Happy ThanksgivingThis Thanksgiving, the Jewish Home has much to be grateful for, in particular the health and safety of the seniors in our care. As we continue to ensure their well-being during the holiday season, we are also working to make this a joyous time—showing residents that COVID-19 will not stand in the way of a meaningful celebration.

Jewish Home staff are particularly focused on creating a safe and festive atmosphere for residents, says Annette Weinberg, lifestyle and enrichment director for residential care. "We're still unable to welcome in-person visitors, but we're not going to let that hold us back," she says. "In addition to decorating the hallways and nursing stations, we'll be providing gratitude kits to residents so they can make their own Thanksgiving cards. We have a wonderful volunteer who assembles the kits, and it's a fun and engaging activity for people who are artistically inclined."

Residents will also relax in their rooms watching a movie marathon courtesy of the Jewish Home's in-house, closed-circuit TV station—and can do so while snacking on some special holiday treats that will be delivered to each room. "Even when it's not a pandemic, Thanksgiving is a great time to stay home, relax, and indulge, so I'll be buying some chocolate to distribute," Annette says. "We want to do whatever we can to get the message out to residents that, even though these are tough times, we love them and are here for them."

No Thanksgiving is complete without a delicious holiday meal, and on that front as well, the Jewish Home will deliver. "We're going to be serving the same traditional Thanksgiving meal as always, including turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, fresh mashed potatoes, green beans, and pumpkin pie," says Cindy Cordon, director of dietary services for both Eisenberg and Grancell Village campuses. "We're also working with the California Department of Public Health to strategize the logistics of a communal dining experience, with seating and timing coordinated to ensure six-foot distancing for residents involved." Staff can also look forward to partaking in the holiday goodness: All three shifts of Jewish Home employees working on Thanksgiving will receive a delicious packaged meal for their enjoyment.

Our frontline workers make a tremendous difference in the lives of our seniors each and every day, especially during this challenging period, as they prioritize residents' needs and do their utmost to protect them from COVID-19. We are deeply appreciative of their dedication and care. We also offer our thanks to the many donors of the Home who continue to provide their financial support, ensuring we can continue to purchase critical resources such as surgical gowns and face masks. And, of course—immense gratitude to our residents themselves, who inspire us on Thanksgiving and every day with their positive attitudes, spirit, and good humor.

We wish every member of the Jewish Home family a Happy (and Healthy) Thanksgiving!

Posted by: Los Angeles Jewish Home  |  Nov 17, 2020
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