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Employees Reach 20-Year Milestone

Molly and Jeffrey GallA 20-year anniversary is a huge milestone to reach when working for an organization. This year, 18 Jewish Home employees celebrated two decades of working at the Jewish Home. Of those, 13 were able to attend a dinner with CEO-President Molly Forrest in recognition of their accomplishments. "We treasure our staff and are honored so many of them choose to remain a part of our Home for so long," she said.

Their longevity is a reflection of the Home's leadership and its culture: All employees are welcomed like members of a family in which every individual makes a unique contribution. With a successful tradition of caring and being open to new ideas, the Home creates a dynamic working environment and a healthy community for our seniors. So much so, currently 143 Jewish Home employees have been here 20 years or more, some for as long as 35 years!

"I love the Home," said Purchasing Director Jeffrey Gall who hit his 20-year anniversary in August. "The reason I have stayed here so long is because of how well I have been treated. That translates directly into how we, as a staff, treat the residents. I have seen that first-hand because I was able to experience having my mom here as a resident before she passed away. I saw how she was treated by everyone working here, and it was amazing."

"This is my second home!" said Mercy Bernstein, an LVN in the Max Factor Family Foundation Nursing Building. "I love the residents. I love going to work." She works the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift and she told us, "So far, I'm having fun. My plan is to retire from here after another 25 years!"

Denise Horowitz, Fund Development Coordinator, said, "I feel very proud that I have been an employee here for the past 20 years. I've seen many changes in the Home, including watching many buildings go up. I feel like all of the other employees who have worked here for 20 years and up—lucky to work at a place where the residents come first and the employees are like family."

Molly and Mercy Bernstein Molly and Denise Horowitz

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