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Employees of the Year

Employees of the YearEvery year the Home chooses two staff members—one from the Eisenberg Village Campus and one from the Grancell Village Campus—who exemplify the best of our team, the people who work toward fulfillment of our mission and demonstrate our core values each and every day.

The employees of the year are chosen by a vote of the Home Team Council. The Council is made up of employees from different departments at each campus. They were invited to represent their peers in electing new Home Team members and in selecting the employee of the year.

“We are very fortunate to work with truly incredible people all throughout the Home,” said Alyssa Alderman, the Home's Vice President of Human Resources.

Scarlett Alvarez, Eisenberg Village

Scarlett has been with the Home for over 15 years, working in in the same department since she started. She has held different positions in different buildings. Scarlett is always willing to take on extra shifts, always with a smile. The residents love her and look forward to seeing that big smile as she engages with them. She knows every aspect of her job and does it with enthusiasm. She clearly loves what she does and leads by example as she always encourages her co-workers to do their best. Many new nurses look to her for guidance. She is a fantastic C.N.A., a Med-Tech and an R.N.A!

Tammy Martinez, Grancell Village

Tammy began her career at the Home almost 15 years ago as an Administrative Assistant to the Director of Nursing. She has truly been the right hand of all the people she has reported to over the years—sometimes as many as four people at one time! Tammy is currently in the JEK Administration department. She knows the ins and outs of every policy and procedure related to nursing, clinical, infection prevention, safety, maintenance, and the list goes on and on. She is always willing to help every building at every campus, especially during annual surveys. She is a go-to person for many staff members across all campuses. Tammy has received several “Home Runs” based on great appreciation for her assistance. She is truly amazing at what she does!

Congratulations to our Employees of the Year!

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