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4 Ways to Know If Your Loved One May Need Senior Care

4 Ways to Know If Your Loved One May Need Senior CareAs we get older, it's normal to feel—and hard to admit—we may require help with daily living tasks. Often, it is up to families and caregivers to recognize the signs that indicate when we need senior care.

Following are 4 ways to tell if the senior you love may need special care.

1. Problems with memory

Being forgetful as we age is common. But when loved ones experience more serious problems, such as being unable to remember their address or family members' names, this may be an indication they need professional care.

2. Prone to accidents

Accidents are another problem for seniors. And, true, an accident now and then happens to everyone. But frequent accidents, such as repeated falling, pose a serious danger to seniors and may be a symptom of a health condition.

3. Unable to perform daily tasks

Are the seniors you love unable to perform tasks of daily living? For instance, preparing meals, keeping appointments, paying bills, handling finances, keeping the house clean, even dressing? If so, it may be time to look into senior care.

4. Changes in physical function

Other indications that seniors may need care: they sleep most of the day, experience poor diet or weight loss, lose interest in hobbies and activities, neglect personal hygiene, or have changes in mood or extreme mood swings.

These are four of the most common signs that a senior may need professional help.

Do you suspect the senior you love would benefit from care? Call the Los Angeles Jewish Home's Connections to Care®: 855.227.3745. We can help deliver the customized, comprehensive, quality care your senior needs—and deserves.

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