Common questions

An Introduction to Connections to Care

What exactly is Connections to Care?
Connections to Care is an innovative program of the Los Angeles Jewish home. It’s designed to help you and the seniors you love quickly and conveniently connect to our comprehensive array of high quality senior care services:

  • In-home and Community Health Care: Serving seniors in community clinics and their own homes
  • In-residence Care: Serving seniors on the Jewish Home campuses

Call the Connections to Care hotline to find high quality senior care in the Greater Los Angeles area: 855.227.3745.

My father just had surgery and is now home recuperating. He needs more help than my mother and I can offer. How can the Home help?
For seniors returning home from a hospital stay, our Care Transitions program coordinates healthcare and rehabilitation services free of charge for Medicare beneficiaries. The goal is to improve long-term outcomes for seniors after hospitalization for illness, surgeries, or setbacks, and reduce the number of hospital readmissions. And once home, our new Home Health Agency delivers physician-prescribed services and treatments right in the comfort of your parents’ home. The Connections to Care hotline can help you find the services you need: 855.227.3745.

How is the Jewish Home’s Alzheimer’s program different from others?
In the past, Alzheimer’s care facilities often sacrificed a home-like feeling in the interests of safety and security. Today, the Home’s Goldenberg•Ziman Special Care Center leads the way in the new era of environments that maximize comfort without compromising safety and care.

The Goldenberg•Ziman Center was designed in response to the most advanced research about how a patient’s physical environment affects his or her behavior, sense of well-being, and even visible symptoms of the disease.

Learn more about our Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Program by clicking here.

We see Mom slowing down and becoming less independent. We don’t want to wait until the last minute to make plans, but we’re not sure what kind of care she may need. What do you recommend?
Contact our Connections to Care hotline: 855.227.3745. We can talk with you – and your mom too, if you like – about her many options, including home care through our new Home Health Agency as well as In-residence care on our campuses.

Our parents are in good health but need basic non-emergency care from time to time and would like to take advantage of some wellness programs in the area, if available. What are their options?
Our Connections to Care hotline can help you and your parents connect with a full range of community health care day services for independent seniors. One call does it all: 855.227.3745.

My mother needs help, but we don’t live in Los Angeles. Are you able to provide referrals to care facilities outside of Los Angeles?
Yes. Please call our Connections to Care hotline at 855.227.3745. Tell us where you live, describe your mother’s condition and particular needs, and we will try to provide a referral to a senior care facility or appropriate service in your area that is right for her.

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