Common questions

About the Los Angeles Jewish Home

What services does the Jewish Home offer?
The Jewish Home is a comprehensive senior healthcare system offering a full continuum of care to seniors living in their own homes or on one of our campuses. We serve seniors on our campuses – almost 1,000 every day – and help more than 5,000 seniors live comfortably and well in their own homes in the community too!

Is the Jewish Home only for Jews?
No. While the majority of those we serve are Jewish, the Home welcomes and serves seniors of all faiths and backgrounds.

My parent(s) always lived independently in their own home. How will they adjust if they move into the Home?
Our expertly trained staff members are very aware that adjusting to communal living for seniors can be challenging. We give this issue tremendous thought and work to assure every resident feels as comfortable, welcomed, and at ease as possible. We encourage residents to participate in our many activities and join in the warm, welcoming social life here, while respecting the individual preferences of each person.

Is the Jewish Home a Kosher facility for dietary services?
Yes. The various levels of care we offer on our campuses include dietary services under rabbinical supervision, and all dietary laws are observed. Dairy and meat products are not served together, and non-Kosher foods such as pork and shellfish are not served. The Home has a staff of masterful chefs who create delicious Kosher meals every day.

Is the Jewish Home a smoke-free facility?
There is no indoor smoking. There are designated outdoor smoking areas. Smoking policies are strictly enforced.

What kind of medical care does the Jewish Home provide?
The Jewish Home is committed to providing a variety of high quality of healthcare services for the seniors we serve. To provide our residents with easy access to medical care, clinics are located on each of the Home’s two campuses. Clinics are staffed by Jewish Home physicians who work hand-in-hand with full-time nurse practitioners to provide fully integrated care that responds quickly to individual medical needs. Also, the Levy-Kime Geriatric Community Clinic is located on the Jewish Home’s Eisenberg Village campus. It serves the residents of the Home with easily accessible professional services. Its convenient location makes it ideal when you or a loved one needs primary and specialty medical care.

What doctors work at the Home?
Residents may choose to receive primary healthcare either from a physician employed by the Jewish Home’s Geriatric Services, Inc. or from a community physician who regularly visits the Home.

Jewish Home primary care physicians and nurse practitioners are specially trained in elder care. In addition, medical clinics at both campuses of the Jewish Home offer fourteen medical specialties, including cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, urology, podiatry, dental, and radiology, to name a few. Specialty consultations are available through the Jewish Home clinics by referral of the primary physician. In some instances, the primary physician may determine it necessary to refer a resident for diagnostic tests or consultations off-site. Residents who are referred off-site for specialty services are scheduled for appointments through the Jewish Home clinic and will be provided transportation to their appointment. A list of Jewish Home and community physicians will be provided to potential residents prior to admission.

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