Board of Directors

  • Ira Halpern
  • Danny Rosett
  • Joan Seidel

Richard Bender
Andrew Berman – Vice Chair, Liaison to the Jewish Home Foundation
Joyce Brandman
Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer
Jeffrey Glassman – Immediate Past Chair
Steven C. Good
Les Granow – Vice Chair, Budget & Finance Committee
Ira Halpern
Joseph Held – Vice Chair, Building & Facilities Liaison to Subsidiary Boards
Michael Heslov
Robert Hirsch
Arnold Price
Danny Rosett - Vice Chair, Employment & Human Relations Committee; Chair, Board Development Committee; Secretary
Pamela Rubin
Dr. Ed Schneider
Joan Seidel
David L. Swartz – Chair

Corporate Officers

  • Timothy C. Carlson, RN
  • Steven Klappholz
  • Larissa Stephanis

Molly Forrest – CEO-President
Alyssa Alderman– V.P. Human Resources
Timothy C. Carlson, RN – Compliance Officer
Steven Klappholz – Vice President, Jewish Home Foundation
Dr. Noah Marco – Chief Medical Officer and Vice President
Arnold Possick – Chief Strategy Officer
Ilene Silberman – Chief Financial Officer
Larissa Stepanians– Chief Operating Officer

Board of Governors

  • Betsy Applebaum
  • Marlene Bane, PhD
  • Stanley Black
  • Rosanna Bogart
  • Jake Farber
  • Harold Foonberg
  • Izzy Freeman - Co-Chair
  • Sheila Frost
  • Dorothy Goren
  • Florence Gorlin
  • Robin Greenberg
  • Trena Greitzer
  • Calvin Gross
  • Rosalyn Heyman
  • Robert Hirsch
  • Elizabeth Jacobs
  • Tom Keefer
  • Evelyn Lutin
  • Barry D. Maiten
  • Barbara Miller-Fox Abramoff
  • Diane Miller
  • Diane Morton
  • Beverly Nathan
  • Dr. Gerald Niznick
  • Joy Picus
  • Janet Polak
  • Barbara Price
  • Edward Robin
  • Joel Salzburg
  • Regina C. Scheer
  • Richard Schulman
  • Joan Seidel
  • Annette Shapiro
  • Sondra Smalley
  • Sheldon Steier - Co-Chair
  • Steve Strull
  • Robert Waldorf - Immediate Past Chair
  • Edna Weiss
  • Lynn Ziman

Honorary Officer for Life

Muriel Seelig

Support Group Presidents

Associates-IMC: Sandy Stackler
Benefactors of the Jewish Club of 1933: Reinhard Prinz
The Executives: Todd Rubinstein
The Guardians: Larry M. Schnaid & Jeff Schlesinger

Subsidiary Boards

Annenberg School of Nursing

Sally Greenfeld, RN
Gail Millan, RN - Secretary
Robert Hirsch, Vice President
Sheldon Steier - President
Molly Forrest - CEO-President (LAJH)
Alyssa Alderman - Vice President of Human Resources
Ilene Silberman, CFO and Treasurer

Brandman Centers for Senior Care

Joyce Brandman
Anne Friedrich
Dr. James Gerson - Vice Chair
Arthur Greenberg
Ira Halpern
Doreen Klee
Danny Rosett - Chair
Michelle Rubin
Dr. Edward Schneider - Immediate Past Chair
Dr. Peter Singer
Dale Surowitz
Charles Tigerman - Secretary
Molly Forrest - CEO-President
Dr. Noah Marco - CMO
Ilene Silberman - CFO and Treasurer
Larissa Stepanians - COO

Educational & Gerontological Research Organization

Dr. Ray Borun
Dr. Pinchas Cohen -Secretary
Dr. Michelle Israel
Jon Pynoos, PhD
Dr. Ed Schneider - Immediate Past Chair
Dr. Gary Small
Molly Forrest - CEO-President (LAJH)
Dr. Noah Marco - Chief Medical Officer and Vice President
Ilene Silberman - CFO and Treasurer


Dr. Noah Marco - Chief Medical Officer

Eisenberg Village,  Grancell Village (Members-in-Common)

Terri Bloomgarden
Fred Gaines
Jacqueline Fogel
Gideon Orion - Secretary
Stephen Reissman
Judith Friedman Rudzki - President
Scott Sachs
Molly Forrest - CEO-President (LAJH)
Ilene Silberman - CFO and Treasurer

Fountainview at Eisenberg Village,
Fountainview at Gonda Westside,
Board of Governors (Members-in-Common)

Jerry Epstein
Jacqueline Fogel
Jeff Glassman
Zita Gluskin - Secretary
Joseph Held
Michael Heslov
Mike Maroko
Mark Rubin - Immediate Past President
Judge Thomas Schneider - President
Stuart Solomon
David L. Swartz - Chair, Jewish Home Board
Leonard. Swartz
Robert Waldorf - Vice President
Molly Forrest - CEO-President (LAJH)
Ilene Silberman - CFO and Treasurer

Jewish Home Foundation

Harvey Alpert
Joyce Brandman
Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer
Steven C. Good
Chuck Hershson
Fred Kayne
Dr. Gerald Niznick
Jeff Polak
Mark Rubin
Richard Ziman - Chair
Molly Forrest - CEO-President
Steven Klappholz – Vice President, Jewish Home Foundation
Ilene Silberman - CFO and Treasurer

Meet Board of Directors Chair, David L. Swartz

We only live once – but, occasionally, we are lucky enough to have certain special experiences a second time. Just ask Dave Swartz, who on January 1 assumed his position as chair of the Jewish Home’s board of directors for another, encore performance.

“I am delighted to be back – though I never really left,” says Swartz, whose previous term as chair ran from 2008 to 2010 and who has remained active on the board ever since. “There is no place like the Jewish Home, and anybody who comes here and sees the work being done is amazed by our programs and services.”

Swartz has a distinguished history of philanthropic involvement, both at the Home and in the broader community (he is also past president and a current board member of Jewish Big Brothers of Los Angeles). He first got to know the Home through his mother, who spent 12 years as a resident and loved every minute of it. “She worked her whole life,” he says. “Coming to the Home gave her a quality of life she never had before. It was the first time she didn’t have to work and be responsible for herself or others.”

During his tenure at the Home, Swartz has served in a wide variety of roles in addition to board chair, including vice chair of the board, chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, secretary and chair of the Board Development Committee, and as a member of the Executive Committee. He was also instrumental in moving the Gonda Healthy Aging Westside Campus forward. It’s an impressive – and enduring –commitment to an organization that has positively impacted his life. “I believe in giving back,” he says. “Getting involved is my way of thanking the Home for everything it has done for my family, my mother, and our community.”

As he surveys the current healthcare landscape, Swartz is full of enthusiasm about helping the Home innovate into the future. “[CEO-President] Molly Forrest is never out of ideas for new programs and leading-edge services, and her leadership has brought us to where we are today,” he says. He hopes to build on the Home’s past track record of success, expanding community-based services that can reach as broad a constituency as possible. “Most seniors would rather be in their own homes receiving services,” he points out. “The Home is uniquely suited to meeting their needs in their own, comfortable environments.”

For her part, Forrest is thrilled to have another opportunity to collaborate with Swartz. “Dave is really a tour-de-force in terms of marshaling resources and getting things done,” she says. “We’re lucky to have him, and I know the entire board feels the same way.”

Among his mandates, Swartz – a consultant who provides business advisory services to middle market companies and a retired partner of the highly-regarded accounting firm Cohn Reznick LLP – plans to prioritize ensuring the Home’s long-term financial health. “The mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers of our community need us,” he says. “Seventy-five percent of our population is on welfare and related programs, and providing for them requires securing enough resources.” It is, he notes, a big challenge – one that the Jewish Home must meet. “Seniors are relying on us,” he says, “and our community has what it takes to get the job done.”

Meet the Jewish Home CEO-President Molly Forrest

Molly Forest joined the Jewish Home as CEO-President in 1996 and has led the Home through the most ambitious expansion in its history, overseeing development of diversified Jewish Home programs and services for today’s seniors.

Combining a potent blend of vision and pragmatism, Molly is working to ensure the Home meets the needs of our aging society and budgetary challenges now and into the future.

In the 1970s Molly worked in two governmental positions in Oregon. In Lane County she supervised the state’s second largest senior nutritional program. She also worked with developers of senior/handicapped affordable or subsidized housing, assisting in project design and securing HUD or FHA financing. Her experience also includes direct and corporate administration of skilled nursing and in-residence care facilities and private consulting for senior living.

Upon joining the Jewish Home, Molly led the Home’s emphasis on programs that support and build bodies, engage minds, and encourage emotional and spiritual expression.

Under her leadership, the Home has opened:

  • Goldenberg•Ziman Special Care Center — for those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer Medical Center — an acute psychiatric hospital with skilled nursing beds
  • Fountainview at Eisenberg Village — the Home’s first Continuing Care Retirement Community for independent seniors
  • Skirball Hospice — for support of patients and families in the most vulnerable days of life
  • Annenberg School of Nursing — for the education and clinical training of students for state vocational nursing licensing examinations, nursing assistant certification testing, and home health aide certification testing
  • Jewish Home Center for Palliative Medicine — to assist those who live with multiple chronic conditions and/or suffer continuing pain
  • Brandman Centers for Senior Care (BCSC) — a specialty managed care insurance plan assuring that the most frail, medically complex seniors can safely live at home with medical and supportive services provided either on-site in a day-treatment center or delivered in-your-home; federally, this is known as a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
  • Care Transitions — a CMS Innovative project focused on seniors who are discharged from area hospitals and receive Jewish Home-coordinated care at home to stabilize their health and minimize or avoid return to the acute hospital

Currently, Molly is overseeing the development of Fountainview at the Gonda Healthy Aging Westside Campus and the Hirsch Family Campus, the first new Jewish Home campuses in over a generation. The Gonda Westside Campus will be the first physical presence of the Jewish Home outside of the San Fernando Valley in nearly 50 years.

A graduate of Oregon State University, Molly is active in a variety of community organizations, including director positions for boards of LeadingAge CA, Association of Jewish Aging Services (AJAS), the UCLA Anna & Harry Borun Center for Gerontological Research, and the Geriatric Education and Research Organization (GERO). Molly is also a member of national organizations, including the LeadingAge PEAK Leadership Advisory Council, CEMO Roundtable, and California State University Northridge (CSUN) Professional Health Care Advisory Council.

Molly has been the recipient of a variety of awards: the 2015 Doctor Herbert Shore Award of Honor from the North American Association of Jewish Aging Services (AJAS); the 2014 Doctor of Humane Letters, Honoraris Causa, from American Jewish University; the 2014 LA Business Journal Healthcare Lifetime Achievement Award; the 2013 San Fernando Valley Business Journal Health Care Leadership Award; and the 2011 Jewish Free Loan Association Ben & Anne Werber Communal Service Award. In April 2015, Molly was recognized by the L.A. Commission on the Status of Women as a “Pioneer Woman” and honored by the L.A. City Council for outstanding leadership in the senior healthcare field. Molly is a frequent guest speaker for senior living and elder-healthcare issues.

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